Tiny Earth Toys + Nurtured Nest Join Forces For Families

Tiny Earth Toys + Nurtured Nest Join Forces For Families

Get ready for some exciting news in the world of parenting! Nurtured Nest and Tiny Earth Toys are teaming up to create a powerhouse of fun and learning for families across the United States. Both companies are based in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area.

With Nurtured Nest's expertise in parent education and Tiny Earth Toys' innovative toy rental service, this collaboration is set to revolutionize the way families play and learn together. By combining their strengths, these female-founded companies are on a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of children and parents alike.

Hindsight is good but foresight is better.

Through their partnership, founders Kathryn Dunn (Nurtured Nest) and Rachael Classi (Tiny Earth Toys) hope to continue spreading the message that taking a parenting class or renting toys is not a negative reflection on your ability as a parent—in fact it’s the opposite!

Kathryn recently shared an experience from her life that drives the content and feel of Nurtured Nest. She said, “As an expectant mom, my instinct was to gather all of the physical “things” that I thought would help my baby. Strollers, sleep sacks, swaddles, pacifiers, even a baby nest that looked like a dog bed. In hindsight instead of focusing on gadgets I should have focused on learning about my baby—her body, her temperament, her needs, her cues. If I had known more about her I would have known how to help her without feeling I was failing if I didn’t buy the newest gadget.” 

Rachael’s experience as a parent also shaped her company, Tiny Earth Toys. She noticed how all the “stuff” she was told she needed piled up in her closets and living spaces and created stress and a lot of waste. She felt there had to be a better way to access high quality materials that had a short shelf life in her home and dreamed of a rental service to curate what she needed when she needed it.
Both women agree that by joining forces, Nurtured Nest and Tiny Earth Toys are creating a win-win situation for families. Parents can easily access a revolutionary way of providing toys for their children, while also fostering their own understanding of their child’s growth and development.

A Small Change, A Big Impact

In addition to a decluttered space, a reduced carbon footprint, and a better understanding of their children’s growth and development, these companies are making additional big impacts. 

Research shows that habits and infant imitation begin as early as 14 months. By breaking the cycle of over-consumption and normalizing reuse of children’s toys, Tiny Earth Toys is empowering an entire generation to consume consciously. 
Nurtured Nest is taking a set time and place out of the equation for parenting classes. No longer do families have to worry about fitting a full class into their busy schedules or not being able to attend because of transportation or scheduling conflicts. The on-demand format of Nurtured Nest classes allow parents to access the information they need, when they need it, and wherever they have access to the internet. Bonus is that families can assess the information again and again, when they need it most. 

Looking Towards the Future

The women behind these companies share an energy for supporting fellow parents that they stand beside in the trenches of parenthood. They both feel the partnership between Tiny Earth Toys and Nurtured Nest represents a significant step forward in supporting American families. As the collaboration unfolds, families can expect exciting new initiatives, and exclusive offers, all focused on positive impacts on families and young children. Together, Tiny Earth Toys and Nurtured Nest are dedicated to providing services that truly make an impact on the daily lives of children and families in our country.


About the companies

Tiny Earth Toys: Headquartered in Durham, N.C., Tiny Earth Toys is a subscription toy rental curated by early childhood educators and exchanged after play. Their mission is to eliminate plastic toy waste and build a society of environmental stewards. 


Instagram: @tinyearthtoys

Nurtured Nest: Headquartered in Holly Springs, N.C., Nurtured Nest provides on-demand parenting classes, on a wide variety of topics, direct to families and through medical providers and hospitals. Not only are their online classes created with child development and health experts, they are full of sustainable information that’s highly accessible and engaging. Nurtured Nest’s mission is to help parents find joy and understanding instead of overwhelm during their personal parenting adventure.


Instagram: @the_nurturednest