nursing bras and clothes

Insight from our breastfeeding expert, Courtney Miller, RN, BSN, IBCLC

All about the breastfeeding parent - Bras, Clothes, Nursing Pads

This section is based on both my expertise as an IBCLC but also as a nursing mom. And to be honest, it’s my favorite thing to share with nursing moms. Below I have shared some of my favorite brands of bras and nursing friendly clothing options as well as my favorite nursing pads. There are tons of brands out there as well as budgets. Ultimately you will need to decide for yourself what feels good on your body and in your wallet.


Courtney's recommendations- 


“I love bras that can do multiple things. I’ve included many nursing and pumping combo bras.”

nursing clothing 

"My favorite brands include Nursing Queen Clothing and Latched Mama. Amazon also has plenty!

I also like to do the two shirt method, which doesn’t require any nursing-specific clothing. In the two-shirt method, you just layer a shirt on top of a nursing cami or tank top. That way when you pull your first shirt up, your belly can still be covered! Wrap dresses also lend themselves to easy nursing."

nipple/breast pads 

"I prefer to use reusable breast pads that you can wash. They’re better for my budget and for the planet! These are easy to just throw in the washer and dryer with your regular clothes. But there are also disposable pads, which you should use if you’re fighting any kind of infection or won’t be able to wash your reusable pads, for whatever reason."