The Pelvic Health Class


Maybe you’ve heard of the term “pelvic floor,” but can you name what this essential (and overlooked) body part does? In this class, you’ll learn all about your pelvic floor and how to care for and strengthen your body during pregnancy and after childbirth. Complete with guided video workouts, sexercises to help you return to adult fun, and postpartum modifications for whatever exercise gets your heart pumping, this class offers a fresh perspective on your amazing, complex, ever-changing body. 

After this class, you’ll be able to: 

  • Explain the location and functions of your pelvic floor
  • Identify techniques for safe exercise during pregnancy
  • Practice preparatory movements for childbirth
  • Rehab your postpartum body
  • Return to your favorite form of exercise postpartum, with modifications as needed
  • Spot common pregnancy-related pelvic conditions
  • Seek help from trusted sources when needed
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