the solid start class

Starting a baby on solid foods is an exciting time! But it can also be a bit overwhelming. There are choices to make and nerves to contend with. But we’re here to help you facilitate fun and peaceful meals at your family table. In this class, we’ll address different approaches to feeding solids (spoiler–you don’t have to choose just one), how to prepare food for your baby, how to create an environment that welcomes adventurous eating, and how to troubleshoot when things aren’t going as you’d hoped. As always, we’ll talk gear and cover some of the cultural complexities around introducing solids, so you can navigate them with confidence. 

After this class, you’ll be able to: 

  • Identify when your baby is ready for solid foods
  • Choose an approach to feeding solids–traditional weaning or baby led weaning
  • Name and navigate different behaviors at the table
  • Feed your baby at the table or on the go, safely and with confidence
  • Facilitate a positive mealtime experience 
  • Encourage your baby to be an adventurous eater
  • Troubleshoot issues with feeding solids
  • Choose gear that works for your family
  • Implement strategies for grown-up self-care during feeding
  • Seek help from trusted sources when needed

Our class is on-demand. You will have access to all videos and resources for a full year from purchase. See all that is included

Why on-demand? Because adult's brains are similar to a muscle, they need alternating periods of rest and recovery to synthesize new ideas and concepts. When learners receive information in short chunks, rest, reflect, then return is how adults learn best.

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