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Play doesn't always involve toys.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. And no, that’s not what our culture tells us. While there are many age appropriate toys and activities for babies, most of them are what we consider “nice to have” and not necessary for parents + caregivers to play and connect with their baby.

In this class you will learn more about how babies (and all humans) are wired, emotions babies may have, and how these things may affect your interactions with them. In addition, we’ve broken down baby’s first year into 3 sections to help you understand what the day to day flow may look like and easy ways you can connect and play with your baby organically throughout the day, all through the 

Parents/Caregivers will: 
  1. Gain an awareness and deeper understanding of the hard wiring of baby’s brain
  2. Utilize the new awareness and understanding to daily interactions with your baby
  3. Apply new skills of play and connection and feel confident in their interactions with baby
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