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Hear from Nurtured Nest contributing physician, Dr. Melinda Beavers, MD, PhD, on why Nurtured Nest is a part of her practice.

Nurtured Nest is Research Based

A 2023 study shows participants assigned smartphone preterm birth videos had more knowledge of core competencies and were more prepared...

Researchers from the Medical School of Wisconsin found n a parallel-group randomized clinical trial of 120 pregnant participants with a risk factor for preterm birth, those assigned to the smartphone preterm birth video education program (intervention group) had more knowledge of core competencies and were more prepared to make decisions that affect maternal and infant health, without experiencing increased anxiety, compared with participants assigned to the control group.

Read the full study here.

Evidence from a 2022 study suggests that technology-mediated education intervention is beneficial for the physical and mental health outcomes of women during the first year after birth.

Read more about the 2022 research published in Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing. Systematic Review of the Effect of Technology-Mediated Education Intervention on Maternal Outcomes in the First Year After Birth

Research says parents benefit from education delivered through mobile devices

A 2018 study of smartphone-based prenatal education for parents with preterm birth risk factors showed participants reported receiving more prematurity information from the app than from their healthcare providers.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way humans receive online education.

Online learning is growing each year and it is something patients have become to expect. In 2022, the majority of Americans rate online education same or better than in-person. Read more from Forbes on the subject here. e-Learning best practices have changed dramatically since the beginning of 2020 and will continue to grow and improve.

Healthcare organizations are partnering with Nurtured Nest to ensure they are at the forefront of what their patient's learning needs are in an effort to improve all patient outcomes.

Recent research amongst various demographic groups showed signs that not only learners enjoy the time savings and the ability to stop and research on their own while taking an online class, there are opportunities to negate unconscious bias that may be present in in-person education.

Why Nurtured Nest?

Real parent, Cassidy, and her baby share their Nurtured Nest experience.

We are parents. We are professionals. We are educators.

Nurtured Nest Educators

We create confident families. 

Nurtured Nest puts education first: we’re focused solely on creating expert-led, on-demand parenting information in an engaging, accessible format. 

Our organization consults with Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Nurse Midwives, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, Lactation Specialists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Therapists, Licensed Speech & Language Pathologists, Exercise Specialists, Physical Therapists, Family & Child Psychotherapists, Sleep Consultants, Child-Centered Business Owners, even Dog Trainers! All of our educators are also parents themselves. 

We are constantly creating new content and welcoming new educators to our team. Want to share your expertise with families? Shoot us an email with your ideas!

Nurtured Nest consults with a wide network of carefully-curated experts:

Board-Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologists,

Board-Certified Pediatricians,

Certified Nurse Midwives,

Board-Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners,

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants,

Registered Nurses,

Licensed Therapists,

Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists,

Exercise Specialists,

Licensed Childbirth Professionals,

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists,

Family and Child Psychotherapists,

Sleep Consultants,

and even Dog Trainers,…

all of whom are parents themselves!

Ready to get started?

If your organization is interested in learning more about how you may partner with Nurtured Nest to support your providers, staff, and patients, please contact Kathryn Dunn for partnership and sales information.