Perinatal Health Literacy Is Essential To Your Hospital's Future

When a family enters your hospital to welcome their first child, their experience during those few short days can shape their healthcare decisions for years to come. Providing exceptional care through a patient's birth center experience can foster a lifelong allegiance to your hospital. A positive experience means they are likely to choose your hospital for future births, as well as for other future significant medical needs.

Integrating health literacy through Nurtured Nest's comprehensive classes can play a pivotal role in this process. By offering tailored, easy-to-understand educational resources, you empower families with the knowledge they need for a successful postpartum journey. This not only enhances their immediate experience but also builds trust and loyalty--which ensures they feel they can return to your facility for their future medical needs.

We believe that health literacy is not just a 'nice to have'—it's a critical component of exceptional patient care. Let Nurtured Nest help you win patients for years to come by providing them with the best start possible.

We're Evolving healthcare

Unlock Savings, Efficiency, and Improved Outcomes with Health Literacy

Nurtured Nest is revolutionizing patient care with our self-paced, online perinatal classes and personalized postpartum discharge education. Collaborating closely with your team, we're enhancing the quality and breadth of health literacy you provide.

Our unique platform serves as a vital link, empowering your patients with the knowledge and insight needed for improved outcomes and reduced readmissions.

By streamlining postpartum education at your hospital, we can help you save time and resources. With Nurtured Nest's support, your staff will feel more organized and equipped to excel in their roles.

Our current healthcare partners have attested to the transformative impact of Nurtured Nest in their facilities. Here's how they've benefited:

  • Elevated Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduced Postpartum Readmissions for Mom + Baby
  • Boosted Confidence during Early Parenthood
  • Saved Time + Resources During The Postpartum Stay

Nurtured Nest's perinatal education serves as the essential link that empowers patients with the health literacy and understanding essential for better outcomes and improved interactions at the bedside. We're eager to hear your needs and collaborate to drive positive change together.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Partnering with The Nurtured Nest has elevated and extended patient care in our Labor & Delivery and Postpartum departments. Their highly researched, expert-led, easily accessible classes for new parents have improved the quality and range of our educational offerings. This, in turn, has increased patient satisfaction and confidence in early parenting.

April Lalumiere MBA, MSN, RN, NE-BC Director of Women’s and Children’s Services UNC Health Rex

The quality of the classes from Nurtured Nest is top notch due to the diverse educational backgrounds that their team has. With their education only approach they are not busy providing healthcare services, they are focused solely on the content that goes into each and every one of their classes...Offering the variety and depth of classes that Nurtured Nest has would cost our practice thousands of dollars and a tech skill set our team does not currently have...

Wilkerson OB-GYN, UNC Health Rex

What We Offer

Custom health literacy solutions

Nurtured Nest’s unique program offers comprehensive self-paced online learning for patients. A truly tailored experience for each client that can include accessible and engaging online learning videos, digital downloads, resources along with an ability to report on patient usage and interaction.
Incorporate it as your perinatal education program, utilize it as supplementary education for patients during prenatal or postpartum stages, or integrate Nurtured Nest alongside your in-person perinatal education—it's your choice!
With our customizable approach, hospitals can tailor Nurtured Nest classes to suit a diverse range of adult learning styles, ensuring that each participant receives an engaging and effective learning experience.

Improve Quality of Care

Partnering with Nurtured Nest has elevated and extended patient care for our healthcare provider’s office and hospital Labor & Delivery and Postpartum departments. Highly researched, expert-led, easily accessible classes for new parents has improved the quality and range of our health care partner’s educational offerings. This, in turn, has increased patient satisfaction and confidence in early parenting.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

While the digital road ahead may seem long and winding, high tech capabilities are core to the survival of your perinatal education offerings and health of your patients. Partnering with Nurtured Nest for on-demand, online content gives you the range of education your patient's expect and won't add to your plate.

Improve Outcomes

With an ever increasing maternal mortality rate in our country, it is time to include the affected patients as part of our improvement efforts.

With Nurtured Nest's on-demand, online classes, your patients will feel supported 24/7, with rich, reliable content. And when they arrive at your doors, they’re as prepared as they can be.

Reduce Stress for Providers + Staff

When will you make time to add additional perinatal education? How will you make it accessible online? Who will help with the video?

Nurtured Nest’s unique program creates perinatal education curriculum, curates resources, and delivers engaging, up-to-date content. Use it as your perinatal education program, use it as supplemental education for patients in your office, or in tandem with your in-person perinatal education.

Nurtured Nest consults with a wide network of carefully-curated experts:

Our unique process of creating online perinatal class content includes subject matter experts as well as education and curriculum experts who help bring the content to life. Best part, our team are parents themselves!

Board-Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologists,

Board-Certified Pediatricians,

Certified Nurse Midwives,

Board-Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners,

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants,

Registered Nurses,

Licensed Therapists,

Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists,

Exercise Specialists,

Licensed Childbirth Professionals,

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists,

Family and Child Psychotherapists,

Sleep Consultants,

and even Dog Trainers…

Behind the Nest

In 2019, Kathryn Dunn transformed a simple idea into reality when she founded Nurtured Nest. Inspired by the profound impact of diverse support during her own journey through pregnancy and early parenthood, Kathryn embarked on a deeply personal mission. Her goal? To craft a platform that would extend accessible, engaging content to families worldwide.

Nurtured Nest is more than just an information hub—it's a catalyst for empowerment in the parenting journey. Since its inception, our vision has been clear: to amplify and democratize provider support for every family. This commitment continues to drive every aspect of our work, ensuring that every parent feels supported and empowered on their unique path through parenthood.

Our mission: provide all families with accessible, engaging content that will not only provide knowledge and understanding of a topic but will empower them in their parenting adventure. 

Our vision: Nurtured Nest long term vision is to be a parent’s first stop for good information and education on all parenting topics. We see our classes as the health literacy families need to have productive visits with their providers and as the understanding they need to enjoy their children at every stage.

Research tells us

Improving Health Literacy Will Improve Maternal Health Outcomes.

Don't take our word for it. Submit your information below and instantly download three pages of linked research studies that have proven both health literacy and online learning will be game changers for the future of maternal and family health.