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In 2019, Kathryn Dunn established Nurtured Nest with the mission of enhancing health literacy for parents and families. As a mother, educator, and now entrepreneur, she has committed her career to making a difference. It was originally Kathryn's personal experience as a parent that led her to realize the importance of providing a better way for parents to grasp unfamiliar concepts. And now, the experiences she has daily as a parent continues to help move Nurtured Nest forward.

Nurtured Nest is a women-owned, education focused organization with one mission: to provide families with accessible, engaging content to cultivate knowledge, understanding, and confidence, empowering parents for the adventure ahead.

Our vision: Nurtured Nest's long term vision is to be a parent’s first stop for solid strategy and information on all parenting topics. We see our classes as the health literacy families need to have productive visits with their providers and also as the understanding families need to enjoy their children at every stage.

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Impacting real families

We're more than just childbirth class

Our comprehensive class list was created to not only help families with the transition childbirth but also the months and years that follow.

The Old Way

  • class at a set date and time
  • one instructor [one view point]
  • outdated content
  • zero technology- paper handouts
  • content that is rarely updated
  • no way to revisit the class
  • overwhelmed by all of the information
  • not feeling prepared afterwards

The Nurtured Nest Way

  • 24/7 online access + an app
  • multi instructors [multi view points]
  • up to date content
  • digital materials that you can access 24/7
  • revisit the class videos + handouts whenever you need it
  • content created by both medical + education experts to ensure it’s easy to consume
  • a true community of support

Nurtured Nest puts education first...

We’re focused solely on creating expert-led, on-demand parenting content in an engaging, accessible format that leads to health literacy and informed decision making.

Our content includes video, audio, and digital downloads.

Nurtured Nest consults with Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Nurse Midwives, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, Lactation Specialists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Therapists, Licensed Speech & Language Pathologists, Exercise Specialists, Physical Therapists, Family & Child Psychotherapists, Sleep Consultants, Child-Centered Business Owners, even Dog Trainers! All of our educators are also parents themselves. 

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Not feeling prepared?

Our Classes Are Created To Empower Parents

How do we create each unique parenting class?

1- Hire top-notch parenting and medical experts–the kind who eat, sleep, and breathe their field of expertise.

2- Pick their brains. Asking: What’s experience taught you? What’s on the cutting edge of your field? What do your patients want to know? What do parents need to know?

3- Our team of adult learning experts, videographers, and designers creates a class full of accessible videos, engaging digital downloads, and valuable resources.

We aim to be part of the solution and actively avoid being part of the problem.

An equitable approach.

Nurtured Nest is keenly aware of the pervasive problem of health inequity in the United States.

We want to ensure that BIPOC parents, LGBTQI+ parents, adoptive parents, and single parents all feel seen, valued, and represented in materials from Nurtured Nest. If you spot an exception to this goal in our materials, we ask you to tell us. When we know better, we do better.

We are aware our learners come to our classes from diverse cultural backgrounds. In each new class, we help families navigate cultural differences around parenting, offering encouragement, mindset shifts, and language for moments of tension.

Nurtured Nest

Partnering with healthcare providers

Nurtured Nest perinatal education allows hospitals to support families throughout the whole perinatal period without a heavy lift from the hospital staff.

It allows hospitals to focus on patient outcomes, knowing those in their care have up-to-date, evidence-based perinatal education that meets patients’ emotional, clinical, and logistical needs.

a note from our founder

Hindsight is good but foresight is better.

“As an expectant mom, my instinct was to gather all of the physical “things” that I thought would help my baby. Strollers, sleep sacks, swaddles, pacifiers, even a baby nest that looked like a dog bed. I took a childbirth class just because. In hindsight instead of focusing on gadgets I should have focused on learning about my baby—her body, her temperament, her needs, her cues. If I had known more about her I would have known how to help her without feeling I was failing if I didn’t buy the newest gadget.”

-Kathryn Dunn, Founder of Nurtured Nest