Nurtured Nest had everything I needed to feel prepared.

Hear from one of our real parents (and her baby) on why Nurtured Nest parenting and childbirth class works for her family.

Not prepared yet? You will be!

1- Sign up for a class

You can choose for a wide variety of topics important to parents of babies + young children. We know parents need more than just a childbirth class.

2- Watch from home

An on-demand format makes it easy to sit down and knock out a few of the modules, continue when you have time, and revisit it when you need it.

3- Feel empowered

Nurtured Nest classes give families the knowledge and understanding the need to feel comfortable and empowered to make the decisions parenting brings.

Nurtured Nest is essential in parenting

Nurtured Nest is essential in parenting

Hear from one of our contributing educators, Melinda Beavers, MD, PhD, on how Nurtured Nest helps her and the families she serves in her pediatric practice.

Parenting is too expensive to waste money

Love it or get your money back

Full refunds available within the first 15 days of purchase if the class is less than 10% viewed.

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Hindsight is good but foresight is better.

“As an expectant mom, my instinct was to gather all of the physical “things” that I thought would help my baby. Strollers, sleep sacks, swaddles, pacifiers, even a baby nest that looked like a dog bed. I took a childbirth class just because. In hindsight instead of focusing on gadgets I should have focused on learning about my baby—her body, her temperament, her needs, her cues. If I had known more about her I would have known how to help her without feeling I was failing if I didn’t buy the newest gadget.”

-Kathryn Dunn, Founder of Nurtured Nest