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10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Don't let rainy days dampen your spirits! Susanna Klingenberg, our learning content director, shares her top strategies for turning gloomy days into memorable indoor adventures with the kids.

Embrace Audio Books with a Twist

Why not combine storytelling with hands-on fun? Settle in with an audio book and encourage kids to engage with blocks, beads, or a train set while they listen. Check out the Libby app for free audio books to keep the whole family entertained.

Get Crafty

Set up a creative zone with art supplies and let the kids unleash their imagination. Whether they follow a plan or craft freely, the process is sure to keep them engaged and inspired. Pro tip: lay out a soft, waterproof shower curtain liner [like this one] to contain the mess or use it as a more durable tablecloth – bonus is that they’re reusable even with paint stains.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Create a simple but exciting scavenger hunt by drawing up a bingo board with easy-to-find items. Challenge the kids to hunt down objects like round objects, things with fur, or items that make mom smile! No time to make one? Enjoy ours!

Family Board Game Fun

Board games are perfect for rainy days, even for the little ones. Set up a timer for "Speed Shoots & Ladders" or enjoy classic options like tic-tac-toe. Don't forget to explore cooperative games for a twist on traditional competition. Read more on board games here.

Bake Together

Turn your kitchen into a baking haven and let the kids lend a hand in making cookies, muffins, or cake. Baking with children can induce stress. I suggest talking with your kids before you get anything ready and explain to them which jobs the grown up will do and which jobs the children will do. I also suggest doing this only if you have plenty of time and energy– if you are already low on energy, this activity can easily turn south. 

Build an Indoor Obstacle Course

Encourage physical activity by challenging the kids to build and navigate an indoor obstacle course. Move furniture, set up pillows, and see who can complete the course the fastest or with the most creativity. We love using painters tape on the floors to make obstacles to jump, zig zag lines to walk, and all kinds of other creative things. If you haven’t discovered the joy of painter’s tape, please grab a roll in your next Walmart or Target order!

Try Something New Together

From folding paper airplanes to tasting funky foods, embark on a journey of discovery with your kids. Maybe it’s watching a nature show on Netflix about exotic animals you’ve never seen. Showing your spontaneity and vulnerability for new things may just make your child’s experience that much better.  

Stay Active with Exercise

Keep the energy flowing with kid-friendly workouts to beat the rainy day blues. Explore fun exercise routines that get everyone moving and laughing together. Cosmic Kids Yoga is always a fan favorite but honestly, most streaming workouts can be fun for kids as long as their grownups are doing it with them!

Make a Splash with Puddles

If the rain isn't accompanied by thunder and lightning, don't hesitate to venture outside for some puddle fun. Grab rain boots and go on a puddle hunt, splashing and squishing your way to outdoor delight. Bonus if you have Peppa fans in your household, they’ll think jumping up and down in muddy puddles is the best things ever!

Elevate Bathtime

Transform bath time into a special treat by swapping out bath toys for kitchen utensils or adding floating balloons for extra fun. Have extra glow sticks left over from Halloween? Throw them in for crazy colors. Turn on a podcast or upbeat music and focus on fun over hair washing during this tub time.

With kids around, there's no shortage of fun and laughter to be had. Oftentimes it’s simply making the mental space and carving out the time to focus on our kids. In our house I find the bonus to these activities is that after I’ve devoted this time to truly being present in an activity with my kiddos, it seems to inspire them to play a bit more independently afterwards – I hope the same is true for you! 

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