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Shelby says,

"My husband and I completed The Childbirth + Postpartum Class prior to the birth of our firstborn daughter and truly got so much out of it. It was incredibly helpful for me to feel prepared for the labor & delivery process. It gave me the knowledge and understanding I needed to feel comfortable and empowered to make the best possible decisions."

Nicole says,

"Before watching their Childbirth + Postpartum class, I felt VERY underprepared and a little terrified of labor and delivery. After finishing the course, I feel way more confident and now have an arsenal of tools to help with labor and delivery."

Cassidy and Ed say,

"Ed wanted to be very involved, so he wanted to watch it with me. The on-demand format made that easy. We would allot some time together and sit down and knock out a few of the modules and then continue on whenever we had time."

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Nurtured Nest had everything I needed to feel prepared.

Hear from one of our real parents and her baby on why Nurtured Nest works for her family.

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Nurtured Nest is essential in parenting

Hear from one of our contributing educators, Melinda Beavers, MD, PhD, on how Nurtured Nest helps her and the families she serves in her pediatric practice.