Kathryn Dunn

Kathryn Dunn, Nurtured Nest Founder & CEO
From an early age, Kathryn knew that being an educator would be her life calling. After graduating from James Madison University, she formed her deep respect for education in the elementary school classroom as a Kindergarten teacher.  When she left the classroom in 2010, Kathryn's career took her into sales and publishing where she learned the art (and science) of building rich, engaging curriculum. After the birth of her first daughter in 2016, she left the publishing industry to support several local tech companies: one focused on e-learning and the other on custom software. 
Her career path through education, curriculum development, sales, and online learning was unified by one underlying theme: a passion for education. As it turned out, honing that passion was the ideal preparation for launching and growing The Nurtured Nest. 
When Kathryn isn't busy helping parents enjoy the ride with their kids, you’ll find her at the barn, teaching her 2 daughters to ride horses, convincing her husband to bring in just one more foster animal, or enjoy her morning coffee with a good book long before anyone else is stirring.