Liz Harden

Liz Harden, MPH, Founder & Lead Sleep Coach at Little Dipper Wellness

Liz is a Sleep Coach, Health Educator, Mindfulness/Yoga Instructor, and Mom. She has a Masters in Public Health from UNC-Chapel Hill, a certification from the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, and multiple certifications in yoga (including kids yoga). 

Liz believes that all parents deserve stellar sleep and that all children deserve parents who are well-rested--and she founded Little Dipper Wellness with those goals in mind. She and her team provide flexible, inclusive, evidence-based sleep coaching packages, programs, and classes to parents of kiddos, from newborns through elementary school and beyond. Known for creating the Mindful Method for SleepTM, Liz’s process equips parents with what nearly all sleep programs miss: the mindset tools and scientific insight they need to thrive and confidently set the stage for peaceful, restorative sleep and joyful days. 

Liz loves all things sleep and is an avid power napper. When she's awake, if she's not helping other families with sleep, you'll probably find her spending time with her own (including two pet ducks), gardening, reading parenting or self-development books, or walking in the woods behind her house.