Sheri Phillips-Majmundar

Sheri Phillips-Majmundar

Sheri Phillips-Majmundar, dog trainer

Sheri is originally from Syracuse, New York and graduated from St. Francis College in Brooklyn. After graduating from St. Francis College, Sheri and her husband moved to the Triangle in 1996nwith plans for her to attend veterinary school at NC State. Before she arrived, she saw there was a puppy class at Northwoods Animal and wanted to be part of it. She loved teaching it so much that she studied with Sherri Dodson to learn the Start Them Right curriculum, eschewing plans for veterinary medicine to focus on working directly with pet owners. She joined Northwoods Animal as a veterinary tech and is now the practice manager. 

Sherri is passionate about filling the gap between training and behavior that so many families need to have a smooth transition into a family that includes a dog. 

When she’s not teaching, Sheri enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 boys and participating in anything that has to do with dogs.